Sunday, September 25, 2011

Buzz Marketing - a word of mouth campaign

Although buzz marketing is not new, the technology has changed the way it is used. Fashion campaigns now start in chat rooms, where marketing representatives assume an identity appropriate to your target audience and pitch their products. Personal Web Logs (blogs) are one of the networks and popular media buzz marketing, advertisers look for writers of the "right kind of blog" and commercial products for the advancement of the currency. Instant messaging (IM) is also seen as a vehicle for implementation of conflicts with buzz marketing man or doing the pitching IM. As with all the campaigns of rumors, the power of the IM model, based on the influence of a person has a small network - in this case, your list of friends. As technology delivering an e-mail buzz marketing easier to facilitate, and software programs make message deliveries easier to quantify, some advertising experts predict that electronic buzz marketing will be a standard component, all the cross-media advertising campaigns. Others warn that abuse of this technique potentially powerful e-marketing will be your downfall.

Buzz marketing is a viral marketing technique that attempts to make each encounter with a consumer looks for a unique barter, spontaneous, personal information, rather than a calculated field marketing choreographed by a professional publisher is. Historically, buzz marketing is designed to be very theatrical in nature. The poster reveals information about the product or service only a few "know" people in the audience. For the purpose of finding one-on-one conversations with a large influence on their peers, suppliers creates a sophisticated fashion word of mouth campaign where consumers are flattered to be included in the elite group, "you know "and willingly spread the word to friends and colleagues.